Tiana comes from one of our long lineages here at AAA Labs. If you've had one of our chocolate pups in the past, chances are it's related somewhere to this pretty mama right here. She is a sweet girl who is just learning to be a mom but has done a fantastic job thus far. This litter is her first!.

Ms. Tiana is a smaller built girl. She is about 60 lbs. average and leans a little more towards the American Field Lab look. Her coat color is a very dark chocolate that could almost pass for black under some lights. She is an easy going girl and is really mild tempered. All though she can definitely perk up, she is not a super hyper gal.

Tiana is certified with the OFA for her hips and elboys. Her X-rays have determined her hips are 'good' and her elbows are 'normal for age'

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